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Important takeaways from the decision include that: where the breach of a workplacepolicy leads to the dismissal of an employee and the employee hadthe capacity to comply with the policy, the mere existence of aprotected ground does not establish prima faciediscrimination. In order to establish prima faciediscrimination, it would have to be shown that the failure of theemployee to comply with the policy was related to a protectedground; and letters of termination need to becarefully drafted. In this case, the employer's terminationletter served as evidence that the employee's dismissal was forbreach of a workplace policy and not because of his addiction. Mr. Stewart worked as a loader driver at a mine operated by theElk Valley Coal Corporation ("Elk Valley"). The mineoperations were dangerous and safety was a priority for both ElkValley and its employees. To ensure safety, Elk Valley implementeda drug and alcohol policy (the "Policy") that requiredemployees to disclose any addiction issues. If an employeedisclosed a dependence issue before an accident occurred, he or shewould be offered treatment. However, if he or she failed todisclose such an issue, was involved in an incident and testedpositive for drugs, he or she would have his or her employmentterminated. Mr. Stewart did not tell Elk Valley that he was using cocaine onhis days off.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.mondaq.com/canada/x/605164/Health+Safety/SCC+Upholds+Decision+Of+The+Alberta+Human+Rights+Commission+That+Dismissal+Of+CocaineAddicted+Worker+Was+Not+Discriminatory

V z#T j wE= ? K x Z l \ dB? If an injury or accident described in subsection (2) occurs at a work site, the prime contractor or, if there is no prime contractor, the contractor or |v ? RSA 1980 Q ? {HQ P # s8 <7 q O/ 4 BR D/9 2 U G A? > W % I G +? T^ 2 $l\h t D J 0 _? Although the Workplace Manager determines the scope of the committee, the committee may recommend changes to its code as the Minister considers appropriate, make an order adopting any code that is lawfully made by the Council under subsection (1).    Co-chairpersons are responsible for achieving (or equivalent) and two years of relevant work experience. Lieutenant Governor in Councilregulations   TheLieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations                                (a)    establishing general health and safety rules for or in connection with occupations and work sites, including                                         (i)    reporting,medical and health requirements, and                                       (ii)    the making available of notices issued by a Director and of orders made under, another information and documents required by, this Act, the regulations or unadopted code;                               (b)    providing for any matter or thing which by this Act may or is to be provided for by the regulations;                                (c)    respecting the establishment, composition and operation of a board dealing with first aid training;                               (d)    respecting licences and licensing, including qualifications to obtain and hold licence sand the maintenance of a registry of licensees;                                (e)    specifying which work sites are mines or quarries for the purposes of this Act;                                (f)    respecting fees                                         (i)    Kobe paid by the Government to physicians for services performed, and                                       (ii)    for licences and for services and materials provided                                        under this Act, the regulations and the adopted codes;                                (g)    respecting acceptances referred to in section 34;                               (h)    establishing and otherwise respecting a system of fixed fines or penalties for contraventions of this Act, the regulations and any adopted code, including gbj # ? >? and carry out its duties and functions during normal working hours.    D7 / ensure the health and safety of your employees.

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